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May 2021


Seventh Sunday of Easter, Year B

Worship this final week of Eastertide needs to be a celebration of living the Resurrection with the Resurrected one at our side. It is a reminder that we are not alone, that we con...


May 2021


Pentecost, Year B

Pentecost worship is about joy, and the invitation is to let the Spirit be poured out on you. But remember, that “you” is plural. Let the Spirit be poured out on all y’all. It was ...


May 2021


Trinity Sunday, Year B

This is the first Sunday after the Pentecost. It is the beginning of a long season that takes us all the way through the rest of the liturgical year until we reach Advent once agai...

Annual Conference Resources

Here you’ll find high quality resources that support intentional discipleship and community engagement – everything from online discipleship to helpful webinars and new offerings from The Upper Room.

Worship Matters: Episode 43

In this episode of the Worship Matters podcast, Dr. Kim Harris joins Drs. Cynthia Wilson and Diana Sanchez-Bushong of the Worship Team to discuss the tradition and use of African American Spirituals in worship today.

The Generosity Audit: Ready for a Stewardship Reset?

As we work our way out of the pandemic, things will look different. Join us as we walk through a process of assessing your church’s strengths and weaknesses, to see what opportunities this time of isolation has brought…